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Seamless Gutters-Save in Home Repairs

Keeping your gutters clean and in good repair not only keeps your house looking good, but it also can help you save thousands of dollars in future years. How is this the case? The following article explains how, and what you can do to prevent future problems.

Seamless Gutters and your foundation…

Functional gutters are needed to prevent flooding on your lawn, driveway and porch. There is nothing standing between rainwater—which quickly builds momentum flowing down the pitch of your roof—and whatever is below your eave. If you don’t have gutters or if they are not functioning as originally designed and installed, much worse than a soggy lawn or wet driveway could await you.

Among the major reasons to stay on top of gutter repair is to prevent water damage to your foundation. When water collects quickly on your lawn without effective gutters in place, this could spell costly damage. Water that is not directed away from your house will unfortunately collect against your foundation. This is not good as moisture against your house will eventually cause lots of problems.

Water ponding against your foundation leads to cracking, flooding, mold, mildew, rotting and subsequent possible foundation shifting. In a normal or even heavy rain, water will land around your foundation. You don’t want to make the problem worse by allowing water from your roof to add to the problem. Not only will water lay around your foundation but muddy water will splash against your house and the soil under the edge of your foundation will eventually wash out as seen in the picture attached in this article.

Seamless Gutters to Keep Water Out

Once water compromises the integrity of your walls, and penetrates your drywall, seamless gutter replacement is the least of your problems. If water is making its way into your home through your walls this means trouble. Everything from the studs to the insulation to the drywall may need treated or replaced.

Water compromising your inner walls will eventually saturate your subflooring as well. This will subsequently destroy your floor covering– especially hardwood and carpet. This effectively can even compromise the health of your family, possibly introducing black mold into your home. If this happens you’ll need to contact an experienced restoration company.

Ensuring your gutter system is properly functioning is not only imperative to the outside of your home, but the inside as well. A component of the home so many take for granted, and is inexpensive in relation to repairs are seamless gutters. Advanced Seamless Gutters is Southwest Florida largest and most experienced installer. We will visit your house and design a gutter system that looks great, and more importantly will handle the types and amounts of rain that we receive. You can maintain your own gutters on your house by making sure they are clear of any debris. You can also ask they installer of your gutters if they offer an annual maintenance program. Many do, and can help make your investment in seamless gutters last a lifetime.

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