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The Benefits of Seamless Rain Gutters

Most homeowners choose to install seamless rain gutters not only because of the clean look, but also because of the benefits of seamless rain gutters. This article will cover what are seamless rain gutters, their advantages and some initial tips to help you make up your mind if you want to have them installed for your home.

Why you should have seamless gutters…

One of the main drawbacks of having an ordinary seamed or sectioned rain gutter is that it is prone to leaking at EVERY seam. When your old rain gutter show signs of slow drainage and leakage, you should consider replacing them. Seamless rain gutters are just what the name says, they are rain gutters with no seams except at the corners where required. The gutters you would buy at a home improvement store and install yourself are usually seamed in 10 foot sections.

There are only seams on the corners, limiting the number or places that your gutters could leak and drip. Contrary to what most people think, installing seamless rain gutters yourself does not save much money at all over hiring a professional like Advanced Seamless Gutters. However it is much more cost efficient in the long run as you no longer need to worry about forking out money for gutter leakage repairs if you installed them yourself.

Seamless rain gutters are also much more durable compared to store bought vinyl or plastic gutters as they are made out of copper, aluminum and galvalume. Seamless rain gutters are designed in many different colors, with a baked on paint. This special factory installed paint comes with a 20+ year warranty! Make sure you ask the company you hire what kind of warranties they offer. You should get a warranty!

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